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If you are considering the surrender of your own basset hound, please contact us to discuss options. Please send an email to There is a surrender form on our Forms/Apps link which you can also complete and submit. A GEBR representative will call you and talk to you about the available solutions. We will ask for photographs of your hound. We take pure bred basset hounds only.  This is because the people who come to us to adopt a hound want and expect a basset hound. There are other rescues who can help you if your animal is not a basset hound!


If you feel that you need to surrender your hound because of behavior or health issues, or personal problems like divorce or moving, we may be able to give advice and resources that will enable you to keep your pet. We will always try to work with you to keep the hound in a loving and safe home, whether it be yours or a home approved by GEBR.  For health issues, check out the information on our "Useful Links" page.


Golden Empire Basset Rescue (GEBR) cannot take animals with a proven BITE history. We do; however, understand that there is sometimes a reason that a hound may nip, growl or act in an aggressive manner, and if this is a temporary and rehabilitatable behavior, it does not exclude taking your dog. We need you to be completely honest about all aspects of the dog's behavior. We have experienced foster homes who can work with dogs that have behavioral problems; however, we would not be a responsible rescue if we placed an animal that has truly bitten someone for no reason other than pure aggression. We need to guarantee the safety of our adopters as much as we are able, as I'm sure you understand.


We would ask that you make sure your hound is heartworm tested and up to date on vaccinations if possible. We need to know of any health issues that you are aware of. If your hound does have health issues, that does not mean we will refuse to accept the animal; however, we need to consider the individual circumstances and make sure we have the funds to help while not denying assistance to other hounds. Again, we need to discuss the options with you and decide the best way forward. Sometimes it is not the financial aspect of a health problem that leads you to want to surrender your animal, but the physical logistics of caring for it. In those cases, financial contributions to help us pay for the necessary treatment are always appreciated. Talk to us about the options.


When you surrender your hound, it would help if you have any medical records, AKC registration papers, microchip registration papers etc. to send with your dog. Potential adopters like to know things like birthdays, and medical histories, and as much background as possible.


The surrender process is two stages:


STAGE ONE - SURRENDER APPLICATION FORM - from the information you give us, we will make the decision on whether or not we can place your dog for you.


STAGE TWO - RELEASE FORM- this is only to be completed once a GEBR board member or official volunteer has verbally accepted your hound, and told you to complete the release form online, or sent one to you for signature. This is a legal document, that transfers ownership of your hound to GEBR.  If you are prepared to keep your hound in your care until we find an adoptive home for him/her, you should be asked to complete this form before GEBR will spend money on spay/neuter/heartworm or any other medical issue that may arise.

You will be asked to make a donation of $50 to help defray any additional veterinary charges your dog may incur.