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Message From: debi November 27, 2010
We agreed to care for Buster, he's full or mostly Basset Hound, for two weeks, two years ago! He loves to run and hunt, frequently bringing squirrels and birds to the back door. He loves other dogs and people. The problem is space and time. We don't have enough of either. The owner, who was suppose to provide all money for food and expenses, has never paid anything and has vanished. We informed the place she was living that Buster would be going to the pound as of 12/01, but even after two months, there's been no word from her. We don't want to take a chance of this sweet dog being put down. Can anyone help find another home for him? We live in Fresno.

Message From: Gwen May 2, 2010
I am SO looking forward to waddling in Kingsburg again! I hope lots of bassets get to join us!!

Message From: Karen May 1, 2010
Thank you bringing the Basset Waddle back to Kingsburg. Winston (my Hound) and I cannot wait to see all the Beautiful Hounds!!!!!

Message From: Karen May 1, 2010
Thank you for bringing the Basset Waddle back to Kingsburg. We are looking forward to spending the day with the Hounds. The girls from CCBR said they are boycotting this event. I told them they are all snobs. This is an event to help save the Hounds we love so dearly. I am inviting everyone I know. Thank you for making this happen.

Message From: Addy August 15, 2009
I love the site... well done!!