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Rainbow Bridge

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Waldo came into GEBR from the Porterville Animal Control. He was such a sweet soul. Waldo went in for routine neuter surgery and came home the same day. He was fine and even had a light dinner. The next day, he was not in his usual spot and a quick check of the house and yard found him having a seizure. Waldo was rushed to the vet and the seizures were stopped. Waldo stayed at the vet's over the weekend. For a while it looked like he was going to recover, but Waldo began his journey to the bridge on Sunday night. Candles were lit to help him on his way to the bridge. We will think of you often sweet Waldo. Till we meet again......

It is with heavy hearts we bid our alumni hound, Charlie, a fond farewell. Charlie came into rescue when his original family got a divorce and then had to downsize. Charlie was a great guy. One day a family contacted rescue asking about a male hound they thought might make a good addition to their family. As I was getting ready to meet the family, I thought, I need to take Charlie along. So, off we went. The hound the family was interested in was not interested in them. Charlie knew right away that this was his new forever family. He followed the husband all around the yard and everywhere he went. It was the first time the family had ever seen a hound choose his family. That was three years ago. Charlie packed a lot of living and loving into his short life. We will miss you Charlie. Enjoy your cloud at the bridge. Take advantage of the buffet. Till we meet again. Your family and Jill and the hounds of GEBR

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